Germany: Recruiting and Hiring

Written by Azra Mesanovic November 2013. Posted in Int. Skills, Recruiting

Germany: Recruiting and Hiring

The recruiting and hiring process is essential for German companies that want to find suitable workers in order to be successful and maintain their vision and mission. There are several steps which should be taken into consideration in preparing for that process. Companies have to make sure to provide a convenient location for the candidate, which is easy to reach and grant them a detailed route description. Furthermore costs such as the working hours of the HR department and offering the applicant hospitality have to be taken care of beforehand by the company itself.

Various sectors have different expectations of the level of education a candidate should have. The most known and sought levels (listed from the lowest to highest) are an A-level degree, a college degree, a university degree and a PhD (Highly educated people).

If we change our perspective from the company’s point of view to that of a candidate, it is significant for the candidate to apply for a specific position that matches his or her own interests and qualifications. Once a candidate has made sure what his or her interests and qualifications are, he or she can start applying for a job. The most common recruiting methods are networking, internet advertising and interns/students.

The recruiting methods in Germany seem common and don’t differ much from those in other countries, whereas the hiring process is still partly old fashioned there. The process starts with the application, which includes a CV, a cover letter and a copy of all qualifications and diplomas. An explanation of their out-dated way of hiring is that most companies in Germany still favour a paper (hard copy) application. Big companies are more and more often introducing online applications, whereas the majority still prefers the old fashioned way. After a candidate has been selected on the basis of his or her application, a personal interview will take place. The interview covers in most situations a face-to-face discussion, an online IQ test and a psychological test. The IQ test consists a math test and general knowledge test. The psychological test examines your stability and your ability to work under stress or pressure.

Some tips and tricks on how to have a successful interview are basically a good preparation, and concentration during the meeting. It is important to be prepared as a candidate and to be informed about the company’s profile and business. During the interview it is essential to maintain your focus on the job position and to try to keep your level of nervousness as low as possible.