Paloma about Spain Paloma about Spain

Paloma has been a student of the Minor Cross Culteral Business Skills at the Amsterdam University of the Applied Science. She gives you information about some interesting things in Spain. 

Do not hesitate and see it for yourself. 

Presenting internationally Presenting internationally

The way you present successfully may differ across cultures. This could concern things such as: the content and length of a presentation, the listening style of an audience and the best convincing or argumentation technique. Sander Schroevers explains in a 52 min. web lecture that just translating a PowerPoint presentation will not always be enough.

Seminar South-African business culture Seminar South-African business culture

This seminar explains the culture in South Africa. It makes you aware of the cultural differences and supplies you with do`s and dont`s in doing business with South African people.

Seven Dimensions Model & APP Seven Dimensions Model & APP

This lecture is about the introduction of the lecturer Riana van den Bergh. After the introduction she explaines what to do for the APP assignment for Trompenaars, Hampden-Turner. After that she explains what culture means and the meaning of the 7-D model.

Status Direct Relation

Ms. Anisah Jumaat explains in this video how to address Malaysian professionals from a more relationship orientated perspective, while keeping status issues in mind.