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Local flavours

Indian dishes are known for its spicy tastes. All across India, every region of the country has its own different dishes. The main used kitchen that can be expected is a combination of Indian cuisine with Chinese influences. Beef and pork are not usual in the Indian kitchen; this is because of the large groups of Hindus and Muslims. Because of their religion, members of these groups are not allowed to eat either beef or pork. Most common dishes are vegetarian or with fish or chicken. A non-regional and popular starter is Manchow soup. This soup is easy to prepare and therefore popular. The ingredients of this soup are vegetables, chicken, stallion and different spices. A popular main dish is ChowMein. This dish is a combination of noodles, vegetables, scrambled egg, ginger and garlic, soy sauce, green chilli sauce, red chilli sauce and vinegar. Known desserts are ice cream and honey-fried noodles.

As said earlier, every region has its typical dishes. Here are some dishes from particular regions:

$1·         A typical dish for Northern India is from the region of Bihari. Typical for this region is smoking the food with red chilli; this gives the dish more flavour.  This dish is Kadhi Bari and it contains dumplings made of besan (gram flour) which are first fried and then cooked in spicy gravy of yogurt and besan. This dish is usually served with rice.

$1·         Another typical dish is from Southern India, from the district Andhra Pradesh. This dish is the so called mung bean pancake, which is a vegetarian dish. A known non-vegetarian dish is chicken stew.

$1·         A dish from the Western part of India is from the region Goa. In this region, the dishes are mainly based on seafood. A dish from this region is: fish curry which is served with rice.

$1·         From East India a typical dish is from the region Bengal. This region is most likely the only region which can be compared to the French and Italian kitchen. A typical dish from this region is Doi Maach, which contains fish that is fried in mustard oil. Different spices will be added and it will be served with rice.

Within India, there are multiple Indian beer and wine brands. The most popular alcoholic drinks are liquors and imported whiskeys like Johnnie Walker. Chai (black tea) which is cooked with different spices, milk and sugar is popular all over India.

Because of a large group of youngsters, fast food is an upcoming trend in India. Many traditional dishes are being served in a “fast food version”. Also in this area of the food industry, the products differ in each region. Often different fast food chains are established in the same location. Indians are used to first buy a meal coupon and then enjoy the self-service offers of the fast food restaurant. A famous Indian fast food chain is Upahara Darshini.

Authors: Eva Blonk & Kirsten Blonk