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Nikhil Paul George - Main kya karoon Nikhil Paul George - Main kya karoon

Just listen to this wonderful Hindi song from the romantic Bollywood movie Barfi! (2012), and CCBS featured crooner and composer Nikhil Paul George will certainly occupy your musical memory today.

Serebro - Mama Lover Serebro - Mama Lover

Serebro was selected to represent Russia at the 2007 Contest with the song "Song #1", where they placed 3rd, scoring 207 points. Their second record Mama Lover proved to be successful, spanning the top hit with the same name and was certified double platinum in their native Russia. Then, in June 2013, the group released their single "Mi Mi Mi" which charted in Italy, peaking at 5 on Italian iTunes chart in July 2013

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January 2015. Posted in Articles, Fun Section

Tamer Ashour - Iftahrikna Tamer Ashour - Iftahrikna

Cairo based singer and composer Tamer Ashour made two Arab R&B albums in 2008 and 2011. Listen to his song Iftahrikna (Eftara2na) here.

Thumbs up buddy

February 2013. Posted in Articles, Gestures, Fun Section

Thumbs up buddy

The genealogy of the thumbs-up sign apparently is a lot more recalcitrant than I ever had expected, whilst visiting Tehran as a speaker at a conference on international communication (...)

Umaturman and Patricia Kaas - Ne Pozvonish Umaturman and Patricia Kaas - Ne Pozvonish

Russian soul-pop band Uma2rmaH (Уматурман) was named after the favorite actress of brothers Sergei and Vladimir Kristovskiy: Uma Thurman. In this cross-cultural beat they perform together with French pop classic Patricia Kaas, who even sings some Russian.