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  • Official country name: Republic of Peru
  • Size: 1,285,216 square kilometres (496,225 square miles)
  • Population: 30,475,144 (2013 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .pe
  • Calling code: +51
  • GDP: $7,135 per capita
  • Major import partners: China, United States of America, Brazil
  • Major export partners: United States of America, China, Switzerland
  • Currency: Nuevo sol (PEN)

Business skills

Local flavours

The Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the world’s best kitchens, a mixture of cooking styles combined with the local ingredients originate a fusion of flavours. Different specialties can be found in the different regions of Peru. The coast of Peru embraces both sweet and salt water fish combined with the local greens and potatoes. A good example is the popular “ceviche” which can be found everywhere throughout Peru. Ceviche is usually served as a mixture of white fish with a dressing of lime juice and a lot of red onion with a (sweet) potato on the side. This dish is best served fresh and therefore best to order in the regions nearby the coast.

Another popular dish in the coast is “chupe de camarones” which is made with fresh water shrimps combined with milk, chilli pepper and, again, potatoes. The Andes’ cuisine has its own specialties combining corn and potato with alpaca or guinea pig meat. A popular Andean dish is “pachamanca”, which is made from different sorts of meat combined with a variety of herbs and vegetables. These are cooked in a hole in the ground, on heated stones. The most popular dish in the highlands is “cuy chactado” which is fried guinea pig.

Peru has some local drinks which can only be found in this country; these are the “Inca Cola”, a very popular drink among the Peruvians, which is a soda made out of lemongrass; and “Pisco Sour”, an alcoholic drink made out of Peruvian grapes. Pisco Sour includes Pisco, lime, sugar, egg white and ice.

There are many food stands to be found in the streets of Peru. The most popular snack to be found at these stands is the “Empanada” which originates from Spain. Peruvians stuff their Empanadas with cheese, chicken or beef.