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  • Official country name: Kingdom of Sweden
  • Size: 449,964 square kilometre (173,745 square mile)
  • Population: 9,103,788 (2012 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .se
  • Calling code: +46
  • GDP: 381,719 billion dollars (40,393 dollars per capita)
  • Major import partners: Germany, Denmark, Norway
  • Major export partners: Germany, Norway, United Kingdom
  • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)

Business skills

Meeting styles

Swedish people prefer structured meetings therefore business meetings in Sweden are well prepared, usually two weeks in advance (Sweden - Language, culture, customs and etiquette, 2012). Punctuality is considered very important, so meetings start on time and have a clear agenda. During meetings presentations are presented with clear data supported by a structured PowerPoint presentation. By being well prepared one shows respect for the other people present at the meeting.

Swedes will directly address the first issue on the agenda during a meeting. Everyone attending the meeting can give his or her opinion, however interrupting others is seen as very rude. The chairperson usually has the authority, so he or she will indicate who speaks when.

The first meeting with a Swedish counterpart is most likely to be a general one, which means that several meetings will be necessary before an agreement can be made. Swedes are well organised, so they like their agreements in writing.