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  • Official country name: Romania
  • Size: 238,391 square kilometre (92,043 square mile)
  • Population: 21,848,504 (2012 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .ro
  • Calling code: +40
  • GDP: 274.070 billion dollars (12,838 dollars per capita)
  • Major import partners: Germany, Italy, Hungary
  • Major export partners: Germany, Italy, France
  • Currency: Romanian Leu (RON)

Business skills

Meeting styles

In Romania it’s common to make an appointment for a meeting in advance and to confirm this appointment a few days before the meeting. If in this meeting all the attending persons are of the same status level you can expect everyone to arrive on time. But when there are differences in status higher ranking persons will show up late, or not at all, to emphasize his or her status (Van Altena, Van Denzel and Westenburger, 2012).

Hospitality and socializing are very important for Romanians and so a meeting starting with small talks and food and drinks being served isn’t uncommon. That socializing is very important to Romanian will be noticed by the fact that they will always build a strong bond with business partners by going out for drinks, dinner and other social occasions. Conducting meetings and making negotiations is only possible after building a good trust,

When you’re in a meeting there’s an agenda that will be followed, but there will be many spontaneous discussions and digressions, but during a presentation there will be less interruptions. If you have to give a presentation make sure it’s a lengthy one and bring all equipment yourself. While you’re giving a presentation you will notice that the Romanians are very good listeners (Mole, 2002)

If you disagree with someone during a meeting, bring this very carefully. Romanians are really sensitive to criticism. On the other hand they won’t criticize you as well; in fact their answers are long and may reflect to your demands. They are not used to express their thoughts and feelings, so if you want to know what they think you should read between the lines.

During the meeting you should make some notes to remember the agreements you’ve made. It’s very important to follow these up, otherwise the Romanian loose trust in you. If possible you should stay in Romania for a while to discuss further business and to socialize.