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  • Official country name: Republic of Poland
  • Size: 312,685 square kilometre (120,696,41 square mile)
  • Population: 38,415,284 (2012 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .pl
  • Calling code: +48
  • GDP: 513.821 billion dollars (13,540 dollars per capita)
  • Major import partners: Germany, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic
  • Major export partners: Germany, Russia, The Netherlands
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)

Business skills

Meeting styles

Business people from Poland prefer structure and certainty. It is considered normal to make an appointment at least five days before the date and you might want to reconfirm 3 days before due date. They have turned more Western and also handle 9 to 5 working days.

The Poles are famous for their flexibility and relaxed attitude in business relations. This has their pro`s and con`s because they are very flexible and you can almost reschedule an appointment, but the meetings also don`t have a clear starting and ending moment. Poles can also be seen as contradictive, they can be very cosy and nice during the meetings, but they also need their distance from at least one meter and touching is not acceptable.

Poles really value their relationships and that also makes it more important than short-term results. It might be smart to accept an invitations to their home for having dinner, because otherwise the Poles will be offended. This makes relation- oriented decision-making very common and there has to be full consensus of opinions by every party. Decisions are made based on intuition and that is considered to be better than make none, even if the date is not complete (Hulst and Van de Veen, 2012).