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  • Official country name: Ireland
  • Size: 84,421 square kilometre (32,595,1 square mile)
  • Population: 4,722,028 (2012 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .ie
  • Calling code: +353
  • GDP: 187.1 billion dollars (40,800 dollars per capita)
  • Major import partners: The United Kingdom, United States, Germany
  • Major export partners: United States, The United Kingdom, Belgium
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)

Business skills

Meeting styles

There is not one correct way to have a business meeting in Ireland. Some meetings are fairly formal, where others are more informal. Normally, the participants are very relaxed. If you want to plan a meeting with the Irish, make an appointment a couple of weeks in advance and then reconfirm it when you are in Ireland. The meetings are not always held  in an office. They can be held in a restaurant of a pub. Be on timefor your appointment. This shows your counterpart that you are interested and trustful. Be careful not to open in a blunt or over enthusiastic manner, this will be viewed as unfriendly.

The Irish expect a great deal of discussion from every participant. Prepare yourself with the right information and expect questions about the topic. After the meeting, remember to thank your relationship for their time and effort by writing them a polite letter. Maintaining the relationship is very important as well as maintaining the contacts you have gained during the meeting (Cousino and Koekkoek, 2012)