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  • Official country name: Hungary
  • Size: 93,030 square kilometre (35,919 square mile)
  • Population: 9,958,453 (2012 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .hu
  • Calling code: +36
  • GDP: 195.640 billion dollars (19.891 dollars per capita)
  • Major import partners: Germany, Russia, China
  • Major export partners: Germany, Romania, Austria
  • Currency: Forint (HUF)

Business skills

Meeting styles

In Hungary it’s of great importance to speak the Hungarian language, or hiring an interpreter that fluently speaks the native language in order to do business successfully. It’s not necessary to prepare an agenda in Hungary because chance is this will be ignored. Almost every meeting starts off with a mixture of lobbying, gossip and networking. After this, the chairman will begin its introduction. This could take a while. In Hungary everyone talks at once, this may cause confusion for those who aren’t used to this.

A meeting may take longer than expected because Hungarians tend to talk a lot and give a lot of arguments. Every individual is encouraged to give its opinion, so changing each other opinion about something is not what the Hungarians are mainly going for. Talking as much as possible, to make a point, is normal in a Hungarian meeting. Throughout the meeting it could appear that the Hungarians are making promises, however these should not be construed as a deal that has been made, but merely as ideas.  After the meeting a follow-up is very important, this should happen face-to-face or by phone (Nandoe and Tran, 2012).