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  • Official country name: Hellenic Republic
  • Size: 131,957 square kilometre (50,949 square mile)
  • Population: 10,767,827 (2012 est.)
  • Internet TLD: .gr
  • Calling code: +30
  • GDP: 280.796 billion dollars (25,061 dollars per capita)
  • Major import partners: Germany, Russia, Italy
  • Major export partners: Italy, Turkey, Germany
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)

Business skills

Meeting styles

Every country has its own way of organizing a meeting. In some countries it might be considered normal to arrive ten minutes late.  In other countries this might be considered impolite and people may find it disrespectful. In the Greek culture it is important to be on time.  Also, in this culture it is common having a small talk first before the meeting starts.

When scheduling a meeting with Greek business people, try to avoid making an appointment before or after the holidays, because the Orthodox calendar, which the Greek use, is different from the rest of Europe. When making an appointment, make sure you make it with a senior, since juniors do not have any influence in making decisions. If you have a meeting to negotiate business then you can expect that the Greeks will come with several people to negotiate with you.

A lot of businessmen use the cafe or restaurant to have a meeting. If you have an one–to-one meeting, you can have it in a cafe or in a restaurant, only if it is with the right person.