Semester structure

Last updated 08 April 2013

During this semester we will teach you along different lines. The picture you will see below is the stucture of the minor, in fact most of the ´stations´ are individual lessons and the bold ´stations´ are exams or assignments.

SubwayMap kl

  • Focus countries: An entire lesson is dedicated to getting a grip on what works or doesn’t work in a specific trade culture. This is the red line in the illustration below.
  • Research skills: During the afternoon (either Tuesdays or Thursdays) you will be coached in applying the necessary research techniques and tools to help you produce the assignments.
  • English writing: On Fridays you will receive excellent classes helping you to produce better texts in English. Teams can also make coaching appointments during the afternoons.
  • International business skills: usually on Tuesday evenings, these lessons provide you with a comprehensive and practical tips around business themes. This is the green line.
  • Publications: all the work you do in this course, will get professionally published (in print and online), if selected. This will allow you to add some real English business publications to your CV, towards the end of this CCBS semester.