Academic credits

Last updated 05 May 2013

This information applies from September 2013 onwards.

The infographic shows in a visual way how the 30 academic credits are divided over eight assignments or exams. One square represents one credit point (EC).

The following academic credits apply:

International Survey: 3 ec
Country profile: 6 ec
Elective assignment: 1 ec
Mid term exam: 3 ec
Skill focus (fulltime), Writing lab (part-time): 2 ec
Stream task: 4 ec
Theoretical framework: 5 ec
Final exam: 6 ec


The tests and/or the assignments, are only passed when the result is 5.5 or higher. When assignments are carried out by duo’s or groups, the result will be a group mark for the participating individual students. Marks can be influenced by assessment results (partly) given by fellow students, the editorial board (stream managers) and/or teaching staff.