• We write two pocketbooks a year!
  • Korea is meer dan alleen ‘Gangnam Style’
  • CCBS World Business Skills
  • Students of Cross-Cultural Business Skills, collaborate in a management book each semester. Giving insight and expert knowledge on cultural diffrence.

  • Korea is meer dan alleen ‘Gangnam Style’

    ‘Gam sa ham ni da’, moet het publiek van de spreker nazeggen, afgelopen donderdag in de halfvolle zaal van de Fraijlemaborg, het gebouw van het Domein Economie & Management in Zuidoost. 

  • Get inspired by our Östlichen Nachbarn

    Cultural and historical is the bond between the Dutch and Germans, however there is much that we can learn from the Germans. Great chances are waiting for us, just across the border. Did you know that Germany is the most visited holiday country by the Dutch?

  • World Business Skills Survey

    The survey assesses business meetings, negotiations and management skills of senior managers in 14 countries.

Book Fall 2014

 Book CCBS

Latest book:  World-wide workforce II: An intercultural benchmark of global recruiting.

On the 25th of November, we proudly present the most recent book writen by participants of the Cross Cultural Business Skills minor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 
ISBN: 978-90-79646-23-4
Download: World-wide workforce II
Download: World-wide workforce I


Deutschland Day


Join our Germany symposium next Thursday 20 November.
CCBS will host the symposium DEUTSCHLAND DAY at the HvA Fraijlemaborg location on Thursday 20 November between 14:00-17:30. We will have top level speakers, giving us insights in their professional German-Dutch experiences. Open to everyone interested in studying in or collaboratiung with the Bundesrepublik.


  • Norway: Recruitment

    Norway: Recruitment

    It is difficult to find a job these days. Especially if you are new to the area and don’t know anyone yet. But getting a job in Norway does not have to be hard. This is as long as you know where to start. To help improve your odds, CCBS (2014) took a closer look at Norwegian recruitment.

  • Managing relationships in Japan

    Managing relationships in Japan

    Written by Juriaan Kroeze

    When we look at how different countries throughout the world have evolved in the past centuries, we notice that there’s a correlation between the increase in a country’s welfare and that country’s score in Hofstede’s indices. 

  • Canada: Hiring and Recruiting

    Canada: Hiring and Recruiting

    Written by Carlos Boiani

    Looking for a job might be a demanding and exhaustive activity, but when you do it in a place full of opportunities, it can be very rewarding as well.

  • Cultivating Cross-Cultural Acumen

    In today’s Interdependent world, practitioners working in the international environment, can no longer just acknowledge the economic background of potential partners. In order to enact successful cross-cultural collaboration it is essential to understand how cultural factors can affect business processes

Latest Interviews

  • Paloma about Spain Paloma about Spain

    Paloma has been a student of the Minor Cross Culteral Business Skills at the Amsterdam University of the Applied Science. She gives you information about some interesting things in Spain. 

    Do not hesitate and see it for yourself. 

Cross-cultural beats

  • Serebro - Mama Lover Serebro - Mama Lover

    Serebro was selected to represent Russia at the 2007 Contest with the song "Song #1", where they placed 3rd, scoring 207 points. Their second record Mama Lover proved to be successful, spanning the top hit with the same name and was certified double platinum in their native Russia. Then, in June 2013, the group released their single "Mi Mi Mi" which charted in Italy, peaking at 5 on Italian iTunes chart in July 2013

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