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The skies nowadays are full of airplanes carrying professionals, travelling to do business abroad. People attend international conferences and others study abroad. And because the global economy has become so interconnected, culture has become much more important. As a consequence, students need to be able to communicate effectively in cross-cultural settings or build trust with culturally diverse partners.

This course helps to overcome the obstacles of professional international communication, by giving the fundamentals, and offering the management models and methodologies.

What students say

It was so much fun to work with international students and to be part of making a book.
For the first time in the 3 years, I’ve a teacher who’s really enthusiastic, original and interesting.
I really think these five months have been the best of my study career!!
The book assignment was really cool!
I really appreciate the combination of theory and practice.
It is a whole new way of education in my opinion. The teaching is phenomenal!
The commitment of the teachers who have direct expertise from the work field.
The sphere in the class and the diversity of students from around the world.
The way of teaching was really nice. It felt like we were a team together with the teachers.
I will miss the cosy atmosphere and fun evening classes.

Worldproof Leadership eBook

the Global Leadership Lookout: Comparative studies on leadership practices

Our world is internationalising at a fast pace, and more and more of us choose to find work elsewhere. As a result, we find ourselves confronted with culturally diverse management expectations. This book offers localised leadership insights and findings for no less than eighteen countries across the globe. Co-authered by students and lecturers of the 'Cross-Cultural Business Skills' elective (minor) course, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands).

Worldproof Leadership eBook

the Global Leadership-Lab: A comparative analysis of leadership styles

This third issue in our leadership series provides you with a comprehensive analysis of management practices in Argentina, China, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia and Singapore. This book shows how domestic leadership conventions often differ significantly from those in other countries. Comparative desk research, focus interviews with, and online polling of C-level professionals in the aforementioned countries made us realise how much cultural factors, can affect leadership strategies accros the globe.

Worldproof Leadership eBook

Worldproof Leadership

This book offer an intercultural benchmark on local leadership practices in no less than twenty-one countries. Our world is internationalising at a fast pace, and more and more of us choose to find work elsewhere. This title gifs insights around cultural aspects of leadership through country-specific literature research. This quantitative research was strengthened by a global online survey about leadership (CCBS Survey, 2018

Key Information

Interested to joining CCBS at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences?
Here is what you need to know:
  • This course teaches effective global-citizenship from a professional perspective in a storytelling way.
  • Besides all students take part in a worldwide ongoing academic research, for which they interview professionals across the globe, and co-write a real published management book, allowing them to add an ISBN to their CV.
  • This is the university’s highest evaluated elective course since many semesters (score: 92%).
  • LANGUAGE: this course is offered in English at an accessible level.
  • Yearly offered twice: from September till mid-December and again from February till mid-May.
  • SCHEDULE: please download the most recent version (pdf) of our Lesson Plan, giving you an exact overview of classes, activities, deadlines and events.
  • FOREIGN STUDY TRIP: if you like you may join depending on the semester: the Spring School (PR) in Georgia (end of May), or the Autumn School in Cluj, Romania (emerging markets), end of October. Both are at own expense, but low priced.
  • LEARNING GOALS: Country specific skills, cross-border research, writing a book, editing interview videos.
  • OWN LEARNING MATERIALS: a 100% own, tailor-made textbook. Everything in just one single book. Many self-produced tutorials on YouTube.
  • EDUCATION 24/7: many classes available as web-lecture, great online resource depository. Facebook is communication tool, plus work with your team mates and teachers in the cloud, in shared Office documents (OneDrive).

Research participation

Interested in our final survey research? Please click on ‘BOOKS’ to view or download our books.


  • In case you are asked to help us by being interviewed (video and/or audio) here are some recording tips, and previous sample interviews

  • We welcome you on this site, and hope you are willing to participate in our ongoing academic research on country specific business skills. Thank you for answering our questions. You help us inform professionals around the world on how to be globally more effective.
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  • Interested in our final survey research? Please click on ‘BOOKS’ to view or download our books.
  • CCBS global fact tank is an ongoing academic research project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Every six months we survey C-level executives around the world.
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  • Global Leadership Lookout
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Prof. Dr.hc Sander SCHROEVERS, ll.m

Prof. Dr.hc Sander SCHROEVERS, ll.m is an internationalisation expert at the AUAS, the largest university of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Author of some eighty management books in the field of International Communication, Sander has become a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. He is visiting professor teaching global business skills at UBB Romania, Bahria Pakistan and IBSU Georgia.

Ms. Aynur DOGAN, MA

Ms. Aynur DOGAN, MA is a research and editing specialist at AUAS, a topic on which she wrote quite some books. She worked in several countries. Aynur provides intensive coaching helping you to enhance your skills.